Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Use your current Communication skills more often

Often, improving communication skills will help with your organization’s morale and thus productivity.  It can also increase sales on sales calls.  You don’t have to try “new” techniques, or different ways of “manipulation;” all you need is to do is a few things you naturally do; however, you do them more often. 
Try to do more of the following examples and you might be surprised at the huge impact these little things make:

Smile more. When dealing with employees, vendors, and customers try to smile while you are talking with them and make them feel you are happy they are talking with you.

Drop everything and listen.  When someone wants to talk with you, put down your phone, turn away from your computer, stop writing notes, turn your chair towards the person, put your hands on your lap or at your side, look them in the eye and listen.  Make that person feel like they are the most important person in the world to you at that time.

Catch people doing something right, or genuinely compliment people on specific behaviors.  When your employee, vendor, or customer says something profound, stop and complement her/him on the idea, when you see someone behaving in a good way, stop and tell them how you noticed he/she was doing a good job on that particular act.

Make people feel you are glad to interact with them.  
Try incorporating one or all four of these things in your everyday interactions and observe the huge    paybacks for simply making people feel important. 

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