Friday, May 4, 2012

Is it worth it to stay at a job you hate?

I was dining with a friend at a higher priced restaurant the other night; it was a celebratory birthday dinner.  We had reservations and were seated promptly.  The restaurant was jam packed, so when our waitress arrived at our table, she was obviously harried.  She proceeded to tell us that none of the other patrons had reservations, thus only 2 servers were working that night.  So, “they better be prepared to wait.” 

As soon as she walked away, my friend commented, “Now there is someone who needs a new job.”  Of course we all have those days, and having worked in retail for many years, I’ve had a few of them pop up myself.  But, it started an interesting conversation: how many people are hanging on to jobs they hate?  Do we need to be miserable in order to collect a paycheck, even in a slow economy?