Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Public Speaking Training Improves Effectiveness in All Communication Events

Public speaking training is about more than just public speaking.  We are convinced the principles that guide effective speeches and presentations are just as effective in all other communication situations.

Communication can be challenging in these fast paced times involving high technology and our face to face dealings with a wide diversity of people.  More specifically, communication mediated with smart phones, voice messages, text messages, and video conferences all provide advantages, yet lose the richness that can only be achieved in face to face communication.  One problem is we reduce our face to face practice by relying on high technology; therefore, we become less effective and often find ourselves with heightened anxiety.

Have you ever experienced anxiety in the following situations:  You are a project manager and need to ask your superiors for more resources i.e. money, supplies, equipment, time, man hours etc?  You are in line for a promotion but must get through an internal panel interview?  You have gone a long time without a raise and you deserve one but are afraid to ask?  Your ideas are good, but you are reluctant to bring them up at a meeting, then someone says your idea and gets the credit?  You can clearly see a solution to a problem, but the boss intimidates you and you are afraid to point it out, then someone else points out the same solution and they again receive the credit?  You have been working on a solution to a work problem and getting it OK’d rides on your skills to competently present it a decision maker?  You are having a conflict or major problem with a co-worker, but don’t know how to approach the boss about it?

Executive managers:  Are these doubts going through your managers minds?  These are communication problems that can cost your organization, division, department, or team money and time; however, all these challenges can be solved.  The principles that can solve these problems are the same principles that drive highly effective speeches.

We teach these principles.  In any communication event, an audience analysis must be completed whether it is one-on-one or one to many.  Several questions must be answered because selection of the right communication principles is situational and relational.  You must have a purpose, and you must have one main idea.  That’s not enough; the main idea must be communicated and supported with evidence.  These are all public speaking principles which must be applied in the right way, at the right time, for the right person(s) or situation.

We can teach these principles in a customized way.  We are asked by some people the following:  Why shouldn’t we just send our people to a Dale Carnegie Course or Toastmasters?  Our answer is we believe these two organizations are excellent choices; however, both demand an extended commitment to time, or money, or both.  We can laser in on the challenges and by customizing, we can be more effective with you or your people in 1-5 hours (depending on situation, needs, and size of group), not weeks or months.

Imagine more effective communication.  Things will get done right the first time.  There is an old saying, “Why is it that you never have time to do things right, but you always have time to do things over?”  With good communication principles, things can get done right the first time.
Many major projects have gone over costs because of communication errors.  Poor skills in giving instructions, listening (not listening or hearing issues), using metaphors not understood by all peoples, not identifying a purpose, poor question asking abilities, not understanding the audience—person(s) you are addressing, paraphrasing abilities, etc. 
All these things greatly affect the bottom line.  The State of Washington is about to lose $10 million (the 520 floating bridge pontoons), the Space Shuttle exploded after take off, a KLH passenger jet was shot down, and countless other major disasters happened mainly due to poor communication.

Public Speaking is the most studied discipline in the history of mankind.  One reason is because mastering its principles will make your everyday communication more effective resulting in higher income, getting jobs done, making jobs secure, and making organizations more profitable.

I urge you to call us for a public speaking assessment, because if you do, you will improve your workplace satisfaction, solve problems faster, make more money, and improve your relationships.

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